eIAM Standard Service Integration Consulting

eIAM Standard Service Integration Consulting

Performance, Transparency and Efficiency – Delivered.

Workflow Engines are an integral part of any efficient, high-performance organisation – and while efficiency and time-to-market are so important to key market players, Serpico provides a fast and customizable solution for companies and government agencies looking to vastly increase productivity and transparency while keeping maintenence and educational costs as low as possible.

Our Workflow Engine Service- Serpico WES – puts your processes, tasks and milestones in to our own Switzerland-based cloud, making it easly reachable, reliant and cost-effective for our clients.

Key features of our Workflow Engine Service:

  • Encrypted access via Https to the WES System.
  • Fast and reliable connections to our fail-safe/location-redundant Switzerland-based Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Perfect for highly confidential information, as your data never leaves Switzerland.
  • Proven WES Solution based on Atlassian JIRA with Development and Production Environments available.
  • Advanced protection and privacy via VPN optionally available
  • Specialists are standing by to provide configuration and setup services.

This is how our Workflow Engine Service will improve your business:

  • We give you full control of your workflows and processes and of course we’re always happy to help, in case the need for assistance arises.
  • No worrying about evesdroppers or espionage, our instances are completely separated from eachother, install-encrypted and monitored.
  • We record no data: Given our beneficial privacy laws in Switzerland, we like to use these to our advantage and can therefore provide our customers and clients with the utmost information safety and data privacy.
  • Costs are completely controllable. It’s your choice on how much involvement you desire from our specialists, instances and retainers are bookable according to flexible and custom SLAs.

And here’s the best part:

You can have your Workflow Engine running and ready for action in less than a week! Just contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting.

Serpico Workflow Engine
Have a look at some more great key features that will make you love our Workflow Engine Service:

Custom Workflows

Fully control and track how your workflow is set up and customized. If you need any assistance, we’re here to help and educate.

Proven and established

Serpico’s Workflow Engine Service is based on the market leading Atlassian JIRA, giving your employees a familiar and easy to use platform.

Secured and monitored

With the cloud comes less work for you. All our instances are install-encrypted, isolated from eachother and location redundant through our cloud, giving you the utmost security possible.

No hidden costs

You have full control of your costs based on our comprehensive and customizable SLA’s and agreements. Feel free to change them according to your needs by contacting your service representative.


Get your own Workflow Engine now and enjoy the liberty of unrestricted and fully secure cloud-based workflow management!