Serpico vLock

Serpico vLock: One-Time Password Tokens

Manage your 2-Factor Authentication and Identities in just one secure App

Serpico vLock is an innovative and intuitive offline method by which authentications on web applications, confirmations of e-banking transactions and more can be protected using high-security one-time-password tokens.

Serpico vLock manages all tokens in one convenient app and enables users to quickly and effectively secure any online account using sophisticated 2-Factor Authentication.

All necessary verifications are carried out in the Switzerland-based data-centers, and not by external international cloud services that could threaten sensitive information.

Key features of our Serpico vLock App for clients:

  • Anonymous and secure One-Time-Passwort / Token generation.
  • One App to quickly and securely manage all 2-Factor Authentication enabled Accounts
  • Optionally enable Touch-ID to benefit from an additional Security Factor.
  • Works completely offline, never using any cellular data and this making eavesdropping impossible.
  • Reliable 24/7 accessibility to our redundant infrastructure, giving you all the up-time you could possibly need.
  • Easy integration by scanning a QR-Code or using a Reference Key sent by your issuer.

Key features for Service Providers and Institutions:

  • Blazing fast, backbone-connected servers allow for a great user experience.
  • Reliable 24/7 accessibility to our redundant infrastructure, giving you all the up-time you could possibly need.
  • No more worrying about eavesdroppers spying on e-Banking data or other sensitive information due to our heavy-duty encryption.
  • Easy to integrate: simply send a Web-Service call with the token provided by the user and our backend will instantly respond with it’s validity.
  • Set up and forget: simply create an account and start accessing our one-liner API.
  • Focus on working productively without worrying about your connection’s data safety and integrity.

And here’s the best part:

Register today, change a few lines of code in your application, and you’re ready to go!

Serpico vLock in the iOS App Store

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Not quite sure how Serpico vLock works? Have a look at the Frequently Asked Question Section:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Serpico vLock work?

From a users perspective, if Serpico vLock is activated by your service provider (be it an online banking application or secure email service, for instance) you will have the option to download the app from the Apple iOS App Store and follow the simple Setup instructions (Scan a QR-Code and you’re done – that’s it!). From then on, the Serpico vLock App will generate a secure token every 20 seconds for you to enter when logging in to the corresponding service.

2. What kind of data do you store, surely you have some kind of logging enabled?

We explicitly have logging on all our terminals turned off. It’s none of our business to know who is using our system.

3. What kind of metrics do you monitor?

We monitor performance and health metrics of our servers and network infrastructure, but never down to a personal/account based level. Additionally, we don’t have any information about you. This information will remain at the provider of the application you’re wanting to log in to (if any data exists at all).

4. How can I contact you in case I should have additional questions?

Please feel free to contact us via the contact section on our website.

5. I’m a developer interested in providing the most secure login solution possible, how can I enable the Serepico vLock Service on my Service?

Very easily: at the point where a user logs in, present a dialog for them to enter a token.
This entered token can be verified by calling the following URL: “”. The response will either be “VALID” or “INVALID”.

6. How can I handle users the have now been registered with your service yet?

Users that do not have Serpico vLock enabled yet can be directed to the following URL: “” to quickly set up their credentials. The Client ID parameter can be a random alpha-numeric string, but should match some unique key in your own user database.

7. I want to enable this service for my clients, how can I register?

You can register an Issuer ID here: “”.


Have a look at some more great key features that will make you love our VPN Access Service:


Enable Extra Factors

Optionally Enable Touch-ID to secure your tokens from unauthorized access from others. With Touch-ID Enabled on your iOS device, you essentially have a 3-Factor Authentication Tool at your fingertips.

Safe from Eavesdropping

Since Serpico vLock works completely without ever going online, eavesdropping is absolutely impossible. The secure Token is generated only on the Phone it was setup with, the mechanism is securely encrypted.

Export Tokens

Need to upgrade your phone or enable multiple devices? Serpico vLock features a functionality to securely export tokens and let them be imported by other iOS devices. The Tokens are encrypted with a password of choice.


Download Serpico vLock right now and enjoy secure 2-factor authentication with a never before seen ease of use!

Serpico vLock in the iOS App Store