Shadow Stream Pro for OSX

Shadow Stream Pro for OS X

The Ultimate All-in-One Real-Time Backup / Version Control / Data Protection & Security Application

We all have in-valuable and precious data we cannot afford to lose – be it the family reunion photos, school project or that career changing assignment you’re working on.

Shadow Stream Pro makes sure your documents and files stay safe – and every single version of them too.

When saving a document – any document, from any app that is – Shadow Stream Pro will immediately detect that new version and create an encrypted backup copy of it to a destination of your choice – be it a different folder, external drive or even your personal iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Should you ever need to recover an old, different or deleted version of your work, Shadow Stream Pro features an easy-to-use Shadow Manager that will let you browse through every single version of that important file or folder – and with a view clicks, will let you restore the exact snapshot you need.

Key features of Shadow Stream Pro:

  • Quickly choose which files and folders to monitor for changes
  • Easy set-up to make automatic shadows (backups) of any changed files or folders
  • Auto-Sync encrypted shadow files to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive for extra data security.
  • Choose frequency of backups – instantaneous, or after a user-selected delay.
  • Track changes made to your files with the Activity Monitor.
  • Browse and safely recover any file versions with the sophisticated yet easy-to-use Shadow Manager.

This is how Shadow Stream Pro will improve your life:

  • No more worrying about backups and a plethora of different versions
  • Your data is safe: an encryption password is used to secure precious data from unauthorized access
  • Easily jump back and recover an older version of a document/picture/movie or any other file you’re working on
  • Focus on working productively without worrying about different document versions and file locations

Also: Shadow Stream Pro is education-friendly, meaning schools get a great deal for their students for bulk orders.

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Shadow Stream Pro: Shadow Stream Manager

The Shadow Stream Manager: the perfect tool to manage and keep track of backups and versions of your files and folders. Easily select individual time frames and recover entire folder structures or individual file versions in just a few simple clicks.

Shadow Stream Pro: Activity

Shadow Stream Pro lets you easily manage your versions without being invasive. The small multi-functional Shadow Stream Pro app icon in the menu bar let’s you rest assured that your files are safe. You can also open Shadow Stream Pros’s Activity Monitor to track file and folder changes in real-time.


Have a look at some more great key features that will make you love Shadow Stream Pro


Track any and every change

Every file or folder is monitored for changes. Shadow Stream Pro instantly detects when a file was modified or added and instantly creates a back-up of the affected files.

Advanced Version Control

Shadow Manager lets you browse through time frames and clearly shows you what has happened down to the second. From there you can recover entire folder structures or just that one file you need.

Search for Versions

Shadow Manager has a powerful built in function that lets you search for file names throughout all time to quickly locate that version you’re looking for.


Keep Track of your files

Shadow Stream Pro’s Activity Monitor lets you see what changes are made to your watched folders in real-time. From there you can recover any file with just a few simple clicks.


Shadow Stream Pro isn’t intrusive. With just a simple icon in the menu bar, you can access a multitude of functions to control your streams and control recent activity.

We respect your privacy

Your data is encrypted with your own password with a proven AES-256 Encryption algorithm – Your data is your data and that’s the way it should be.


Low power footprint

Besides having a very low power footprint, Shadow Stream Pro features a sophisticated snooze and suspend functionality that lets you pause any syncing or backup up if you want to make some unrecorded changes to your files and documents.

Automatic Sync to iCloud

You can chose to have Shadow Stream Pro sync your encrypted backup files to a local drive or iCloud – great for when you’re on the road, at work or in school and want to be sure every version of your assignment is safe.

Just works with Time Machine

Shadow Stream Pro conveniently stores your backed up files in an encrypted Shadow Package. If you want to, you can have Time Machine back up your Shadow Packages as soon as you connect to a Time Capsule.


Get Shadow Stream Pro now and never suffer through that gut-wrenching sinking feeling
of accidentally overwriting or losing important files!

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